7 shorts, 2 features, and counting…

“The Moment You Realize You’re Not In Love Anymore”

Synopsis: see title

With: Daya Vaidya, Patrick Pieters

Screenwriter/producer/director/editor: Brandon Wilson

Camera: Steve Straka

16mm, 2 min., color, 1994

“The Freeloader”

Synopsis: Josie Wright completes her first novel, but the response she gets from her friends teaches her more about herself than the work itself.

With: Angie Fullilove, Jamison Reeves, Andrew O. Thompson, Karen Kirkland and Vincent Jordan

Screenwriter/producer/director/editor: Brandon Wilson

Camera: Cauleen Smith

16mm, 16 min., color, 1995

“The Bettie Page”

Synopsis: After borrowing a  friend’s pager, a  young man’s late night trek to a diner becomes an adventure and a near miss with a beautiful young woman.

With: DeMorge L. Brown, Rosemarie Addeo, Jamison Reeves

Screenwriter/director/editor: Brandon Wilson

Producer: Karen Kirkland

Camera: Richard Castaniero

16mm, 25 min., color, 1996

“Benefactor: Scenes from an Arrangement”

Synopsis: A collection of images, music, and scenes tells the story of Hope Crowley, a kept woman who slowly realizes she may have more power in her relationship than she previously reckoned.

With: Zuleikha Robinson, Christopher Kriesa, Michael Petted

Screenwriter/producer/director: Brandon Wilson

Camera: Claire E. Skinner

Editor: Dean Paul Thomson (pseudonym for Brandon Wilson)

35mm, 28 min, color, 1999

Screened at the 2000 Hollywood Black Film Festival, DoBoy’s Dozens, the Long Island Film Expo, BHERC’s S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase, and the IFP/West Cinema Lounge. Also available on the DVD of “The Man Who Couldn’t…” as a bonus feature. Watch Now

“Alma’s Day”

Synopsis: Alma Upshaw’s February 29th birthday – which only happens once every four years- takes an unexpected turn.

With: Dahn Dior, Tawneya Charbonnet, Chilembwe Mason

Screenwriter/producer/director: Brandon Wilson

Camera: Winona Wacker

Editor: Dean Paul Thomson

Assistant Director: David Kobussen

DV, 11 min., color, 2000

Screened at DoBoy’s Dozens, The Toronto DV Festival, the IFP/West Cinema Lounge. Available on the DVD of “The Man Who Couldn’t…” as a bonus feature. Watch Now

“The Hystericist”

Synopsis: In a world that blends elements of the 19th and 20th centuries, a gynecologist is confronted by a patient with his role as an agent and enforcer of the patriarchal system.

With: Josh Welsh, Tracey Rooney, Hollace Starr, and Linda Shing

Screenwriter/director: Brandon Wilson

Camera/producer/editor: Winona Wacker

16mm, 15 min., color, 2001

 The Man Who Couldn’t…

Synopsis: A second-coming-of-age story about a struggling filmmaker/cinephile who falls for a webcam mistress and faces the challenges of having a relationship in front of the all-seeing eye of the World Wide Web.

With: Brandon Ford Green, Micah Marie, Mark Conley, Arthur Lee Walker, Jameelah McMillan, Nafeesa Monroe, Grigori, and Janelle Marie

Screenwriter/Executive Producer/Director: Brandon Wilson

Producers: Angela Burris and Jena English Wilson

Camera: Imogene Krumbhouse

Editor: Dean Paul Thomson (pseud. for Brandon Wilson)

24p DV, 95 min., color, 2005

World premiered at the 2005 Pan African Film Festival

Winner: Oscar Micheaux Spirit Award at the Bare Bones Film Festival

Available on DVD for purchase on Amazon.

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“What About Jarynzi?”

Synopsis: A look at what goes on in the minds of middle-schoolers during a standardized test.

With: the Spring 2007 Film Class of Foshay Learning Center

Screenplay/Camera/Producer/Director/Editor: Brandon Wilson

Mini-DV, 12 min., color, 2007

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Synopsis: An existential urban road movie about three young women who decide to travel the entirety of L.A.’s longest street.

With: Kristina Elena Amaya, Karla Jovel, Leslie Reyes, Mark Conley, Michelle Vazquez, Dale Inghram, Justin Sherman, Pharoah Clay, Kyle von Crisostomo, and Michelle Calderon

Story/Producers/Co-directors/Co-Editors: Jena L. English & Brandon Wilson

Camera: Jena L. English

1080p HD, 82 min., color, 2016

World premiered at the 2016 Urbanworld Film Festival.

Winner: Special Achievement Award, 2016 Culver City Film Festival
Best Ensemble Cast, 2017 Silicon Beach Film Festival

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